Children @ Play

Space – Freedom – Discover

The lawn in front of the main house looks out over the fields and meadows toward the river Taf, It is a meeting place and often becomes a sports field

Let’s Play, Football, Swings, or Maybe Trampoline

Hi – I live here, my name is Ivy, I love everyone and always like to know WHATS ON


Sometimes the simplest of things spark the imagination

Let’s Just Sit Down for a While

Hide here, Spy from here, sit down and chat here, pretend you are the King, in command of all you survey Chair your knights round table

The Fort

Down the slope

Try The Slide

Get Fit

My Play Center

Discover Common Wild Flowers

Early Summer



Wild Primrose

Very early Spring



Wild Garlic


Bluebells Furns & Wild Garlic

Explore The Countryside

Fly high look for prey

Red Kite Soaring

Swoop down on your prey


Be careful

Explore the River

What was that ?