RBJ & Vortipor – The Protector

The Vortipor Stone

It is believed that the stone was a memorial to Vortipor, King or protector  of Demetia (modern Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire), who lived approximately AD475-540

Richard Bowen Jones (RBJ) as rector supervised the restoration of Castle Dwyran church in 1879. The churchyard was tidied and a stile was demolished. A Standing stone near the stile was removed and taken to a field in the front of Gwarmacwydd house as a cattle rubbing post.

King of Dyfyd

Latin Inscription

The Latin inscription “MEMORIA VOTEPORIGIS PROTICTORIS” is on the face of the stone, and  an Irish inscription Votecorigas is written with Ogam letters on the edge of the stone.

Miss Caroline Bowen Jones, RBJ’s daughter who inherited Gwarmacwydd, recognized an inscription on the stone, and in 1921 donated it to Carmarthen museum, where it remains today

in 2014 a replica was erected in front of Llanfallteg village hall.

Is it possible that with his classical education RBJ had an inkling of the stones significance and rather liked the thought that such an important memorial to a local powerful king was in front of his house.